A Marvel-ous Use of Tape

Tuesday August 6, 2019
Rocket Racoon Tape

Everyone needs tape sometimes, even superheroes. In Deadpool 2, Deadpool uses duct tape to repair and hold his suit together. In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. II, Rocket Raccoon needs tape to cover up a dangerous button and even interrupts a battle to have Starlord search for it. So when nine year-old Jackson Napolitano and his dad, Philip, decided to take on a super project of their own, they too turned to tape.

A big Marvel fan, Jackson wanted to recreate Thor’s newest weapon, Stormbreaker, from Avengers: Infinity War.


To start, Jackson and his dad created a cardboard cutout of the axe. Next, they had to figure out how to make the axe look like Stormbreaker. They tried using duct tape, but it failed to achieve the shiny, metallic look they hoped for. Needing a new solution, Jackson’s father Philip and grandfather Phil, both Ideal Tape representatives, turned to their vast knowledge of the tape industry. They settled on Ideal Tape 491, a silver FSK tape.

Not only did 491 give the axe the shiny look Jackson wanted, but he learned it had a few superpowers of its own. Philip said, “While we were wrapping the hammer with the tape, I explained to Jackson that this tape not only sticks extremely well, but it can withstand temperatures ranging from -10 degrees to 180 degrees! He loved that one!”

Ideal Tape 491 is a strong Foil/Scrim/Kraft (FSK) tape used for sealing cold and dual temperature duct seams and joints. However, the Napolitanos’ creativity with 491 shows that while the tape works well for its intended purposes, it can be used for even more. About the project, Philip commented, “It was fun and silly, but the tape worked like magic, and my son loved it.”

Jackson may not be able to wield lightning like Thor, but with his super imagination, he can wield an impressive Stormbreaker and has a fun family memory to last a lifetime.

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