Ideal Tape® offers a robust line of tapes for an assortment of industrial applications. For electronics, we have products suited for printed circuit board fabrication and electronic component assembly. When you need products to withstand high temperatures, our tapes are strong enough to handle powder coating, masking, and protective applications. Our splicing tapes meet the demanding requirements of web and film splicing applications. Therm-X® electrical insulation tapes are used for wound coils, including insulating coil connections and crossovers, interlay insulation, lead hold down, coil wrap protection, bundling, and much more.
Ideal Tape Industrial Tapes
Get to know Ideal Tape for the Industrial market! We offer a wealth of products for diverse industrial purposes. With aerospace, aluminum foil, fabric & double sided, polyester, polyimide or Kapton, and Therm-X tapes, we’ve got a solution for all of your application
The Power of Polyester
Ideal’s toughest tapes are made to withstand the most challenging industrial applications. With features including high temperature performance, chemical resistance, abrasion protection, and more, our industrial tapes can do it all.

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