Introducing ProtectRide™ - Superior Bicycle Protection Film

ProtectRide™ bike frame protection is designed to prevent scratches, dents, and paint chipping on bike frames. Explore the products designed to help you ride with peace of mind.

Drive the Decision to Go Green

Our AutoWrap GreenLeaf is a paint protection film that has enhanced environmentally responsible properties, helping you protect the planet and your profit. 

Meet Your All-weather Warrior

Ideal Shield Jacketing is designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions; from extreme heat or the depths of winter, to snow and torrential downpours – it is the ultimate armor against the elements. Learn more about our state-of-the-art Ideal Shield Jacketing and how it can help you protect externally insulated duct work.


Our custom tape products protect, splice, mask, insulate, transfer, reinforce, and seal challenges in many markets.

American Biltrite Inc.: Manufacturing Solutions for Over a Century

Our Company Values

At ABI Tape Division, we produce adhesive coated, pressure sensitive tapes, films, and papers for all applications. We are a global team committed to creating the highest value for our customers with customized tape solutions.

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Buy America, Buy American: What’s The Difference?

At Ideal Tape, we are proud to provide your mechanical insulation tape needs. We are also proud to say that our products are manufactured right here in the U.S.A.!
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Clear Tape

A Message from Management: Q4 - Pioneering Solutions in a Shifting Economy

As Q3 concludes, Vice President and General Manager Michel Merkx shares his insights for Q4 of 2023.
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Clear Tape

A Message from Management: Q3 - Staying True to Our Values

In our expansive network of industry, academic, and technology partners we hear very similar echoes about ‘slow and cautious’ market conditions.
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