Meet The Family: TransferRite® Sign Application Tapes

Tuesday April 23, 2024
Our standard and premium Signage products are built to work on a variety of surfaces

Last time in our “Meet the Family” blog series, we took a look at our 1500 Series of tapes. This time, we’ll be focusing on our line of Sign application tapes.


TransferRite’s line of Sign application tapes offers solutions for your simplest applications and your most elaborate installations. We have tapes that are great for signage, striping, and partial vehicle wraps, as well as wall graphics and retail displays. Whatever your project, you’ll find the right fit in our family of tapes!



Our Paper Products


582U works wonders for vinyl wall decal installations

Due to their versatility, paper products have been the industry standard for years. If you’re in need of an economical option, we have you covered with our 6582 all-purpose signage application tape, which works well for transferring medium-sized vinyl graphics.


If you struggle with unwanted curling, wrinkling, or tunneling, our ULTRA® paper products are just what you’re looking for. This includes 582U and 592U, our workhorse products that you can rely on for your everyday signage needs! What sets these products apart is our ULTRA technology, which provides a superior adhesion to help them lay flat on exposed liners. We also offer a premium option with our 782U! A stronger, tear-resistant alternative for your vinyl graphics.


All our paper tapes are also wet-application friendly, which allows you to temporarily adjust your graphic so that it’s just right before you stick it in place! From lightweight to heavyweight, low to very high tack, standard and ULTRA, our paper application tapes have plenty of solutions to offer for your next signage project!



Our Film Products


When perfect alignment is critical, 1310 has you covered.

In a situation where accuracy is key, the right clear film is essential. Our 1310 film product is the industry leader in the sign market. Its crystal-clear transparency makes it ideal for working with multilayer graphics.


Our entire 1300 Series is also made with our ULTRA technology, allowing for the lay flat benefit to exposed liners and comes in a variety of tack levels. 1310 is also available in a 1” grid pattern to aid in achieving perfect precision on the finest of details.



Our Niche Products


We offer multiple solutions for applications on etched glass

Along with the products mentioned so far, TransferRite also manufactures several niche products for challenging and specialty applications. This includes our 6798, a very high tack paper tape that works well with reflective films and projects with course surfaces such as awnings. 


If you’re working with etched glass, we have two solutions for you! Our 1320 clear film product is created for detailed graphics and to help you achieve the perfect installation. If paper is your preference, we also offer our premium, very high tack 794U product. We also produce the one-of-a-kind AirMask® 510U, the only film in the market designed to lay flat on exposed air egress liners. 


Whether paper or film, TransferRite offers a wide range of high-quality products tailored for your needs. Stick with us to help you find your perfect Signage solutions. To learn all about our Sign application tapes, and other products, be sure to visit our Graphics page or our Graphics Library!

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