Meet The Family: The TransferRite 1500 Series

Tuesday January 30, 2024

Meet the Family: The TransferRite® 1500 Series


A blue-green Jeep with a gray patterned partial wrap
AirMask is designed for use on projects like partial car wraps

“Meet the Family” is a sequence of blogs that we developed to spotlight our various series of application tapes. In this entry, we will be focusing on the TransferRite 1500 Series. Our exclusive line will help you tackle application, protection, and anything in between. See what film solutions we have for you!


The TransferRite 1500 Series consists of our transparent film application tapes that you can trust for your toughest transfers. The 1500 Series will give you the best of both worlds: thick and durable to prevent tearing, yet transparent to allow for an accurate alignment.


Films in the 1500 series can also protect your graphics during fabrication.

When it comes to trickier applications, TransferRite has you covered with AirMask® (510U), the only film designed for transferring graphics on exposed air-egress vinyl. Made with our ULTRA® adhesive, AirMask is designed to lay flat and prevent tunneling while providing a clean and smooth graphic application. This makes it the perfect application tape for partial car wraps, packaging, and RTA (ready-to-apply) decals.


While TransferRite’s 1500 Series makes for great application tapes, their thickness and durability make them especially useful for your protective projects. This includes keeping items like snowboards and skis looking pristine during fabrication or protecting easily damaged printed graphics.


Alignment is super easy with TransferRite

This Series does more than transfer vinyl; it’s also great for use on domed decals and raised lettering. No longer will you have to tediously apply each letter individually. Now, you can quickly and smoothly install the entire graphic at once thanks to the transparency of our 1504 and 1510 films!


With a family of four products to choose from, TransferRite’s 1500 Series of application tapes can be used for various jobs big and small. Whether you’re pinstriping your vehicles, decaling your window, or protecting delicate graphics, the 1500 Series has a product and tack level that’s right for you.



To learn more, you can visit our Graphics Library for a closer look at what the 1500 Series has to offer.


If you’re already a user of TransferRite’s 1500 Series, tag us in your projects! We would love to see how you use our tape.

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