Testing the Limits: Perfecting Surface Protection

Thursday February 29, 2024

If you have a surface, we can protect it: metal, glass, plastic, and everything in between. From fabrication to installation, our line of ProtectRite® surface protection films and tapes will keep your products looking perfect. How do we know?  Because we put all our American-made products through rigorous in-house testing.


Making the Grade


At ABI, our surface protection films are manufactured to cover everything from appliances, to windshields, and beyond. With such a variety of applications, we need to be able to test each of our products properly and thoroughly.


Our family of surface protection tapes

Our in-house facilities and talented R&D team allow us to test our products to OEM spec on an exhaustive number of surfaces and environments. These environments include high heat, frigid cold, humidity, and even Xenon testing to simulate outdoor exposure.


Other tests include measuring tensile strength and elongation to ensure our products meet the requirements for stamping, bending, and all fabrication steps and methods. All so we can truly recommend the best solution for every surface.


ABI is also a founding member of the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council (PSTC) and certifies all products to PSTC standards. This includes adhesion testing to standardized steel panels, which allows our end users to be confident with our product’s performance in their applications.


Why ABI?


Our protective film applied to a stovetop

When we say we can protect any surface, we mean it. ABI offers both water-based and solvent adhesive products, which provide a great range of thickness and adhesion levels to protect all types of surfaces. Whether smooth, matte, glossy, or even carpeted, we have you covered.


For metal fabrication and protection, look no further than our 8000 Series. This line of solvent rubber-based films is designed to protect your high-end surfaces. Our 8510, 8502, and 8607 are great fabricator films that can withstand stretching, bending, and stamping of coated, uncoated, painted, and polished metal with easy and clean removability.  8510 is also UV stable for up to 6 months for all your temporary outdoor needs.


All our ProtectRite surface protection films are manufactured and tested at our facility in Moorestown, New Jersey. Every step of our process happens in North America, providing shorter lead times and less supply disruption. This means you’ll get our products quickly and consistently.


You Make It Perfect, We Keep It Perfect


When it comes to our protective film products, we’ve only just scratched the surface! You can learn even more by visiting our Surface Protection page, and be sure to come back for more closer looks into our products!

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