A Message from Management: An Optimistic Outlook for Q2

Wednesday April 6, 2022

A Business Update from Vice President & General Manager Michel Merkx

“As we indicated in December last year, 2022 turns out to be another challenging year indeed. The continuation of (raw) material inflation and availability issues, supply chain and logistics difficulties and new oil and utility cost increases following the Russian invasion in Ukraine, make for a volatile marketplace for tape manufacturers, and our customers and suppliers. Add the changing dynamic in the labor market and one might ask if there are any upsides.

Well, there are! The demand for our products and services remains at a very high level, and although this is hindered by the aforementioned challenges, it provides the drive and lifeline for our business performance. It also creates new opportunities for innovation and investments in technology, infrastructure, people and client relationships.

We have terrific customers and I want to express my appreciation for their understanding, support, and business. We also enjoy tremendous support from our supply partners which now, more than ever, we heavily rely on.

Last but not least, a shout out to all ABI and Ideal Tape employees for their competence, dedication and service with a smile for all our customers.”

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