ABI Tape’s Annual Orange Extravaganza 2019

Tuesday August 6, 2019

With a core value of Social Responsibility, ABI Tape gives back to the community whenever we can. That’s why each year, ABI Tape supports Community Treatment Solutions (CTS) by celebrating an unusual holiday: Koningsdag.

On Koningsdag, or King’s Day, the Dutch celebrate King Willem Alexander’s birthday. A national holiday in the Netherlands, the color orange symbolizes national and royal pride stemming from the royal family name: The Family Nassau, House of Orange. On April 27th, King’s Day is celebrated with parties, music, parades, and more, with many people dressed in orange.

Company Vice President and General Manager, Michel Merkx, was born in the Netherlands, and shares this unique holiday from his home country with his work family. On Dare to Wear Orange Day, Merkx encourages ABI Tape employees from divisions all over the world, including the corporate office and sister companies, to partake in King’s Day festivities by wearing orange.

Embodying ABI Tape’s spirit of Social Responsibility, Merkx donates $5 for every person wearing orange to CTS, a nonprofit organization. Part of Legacy Treatment Solutions, CTS dedicates itself to providing services to children and youth who experienced trauma, abuse, and neglect. The program teaches life skills to youth aging out of foster care and supports families in need of new tools and resources to parent. CTS also reunites families through schooling, therapy, and visitation services. Merkx’s involvement with CTS began in 2013, and has continued ever since.

This year’s Dare to Wear Orange Day broke participant records with 275 people in orange. After a few more contributions from generous supporters, CTS received a donation total of $1,675. As the number of participants grows each year, we’re more excited than ever for next year’s orange extravaganza.

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