Contractors: Stick with Protective Tapes for Springtime Home Improvement Projects

Monday April 25, 2016
If you're planning a renovation this spring, your toolbox won't be complete without surface protection tape with low- to medium-tack. Let's find out why.
If you’re planning a renovation this spring, your toolbox won’t be complete without surface protection tape with low- to medium-tack. Let’s find out why.

Many Americans spent this past winter mulling over ideas for home renovation projects and saving them for warmer weather. With spring officially upon us, it’s time to turn those dream houses into realities.

In 2015, U.S. homeowners spent more than $320 billion on home improvement projects, according to a study conducted by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the National Association of Realtors. That’s certainly nothing to shake a stick at, but these go-getters undeniably understand the value in bringing out the best in their properties, both inside and out.

As contractors plan out how best to help homeowners renovate this spring, they should know their tool boxes won’t be complete without surface protection tape with low- to medium-tack. Let’s find out why.

Protect the parts of your home you won’t be renovating
Demolishing flaking plaster walls or ripping out old beaten-up cabinets can be really cathartic for homeowners who’ve suffered from ugly decor for far too long.

“Protective tape shields sensitive surfaces.”

Accidentally damaging interiors and appliances that were supposed to survive the renovation, however, will be much less therapeutic, and guilty contractors could easily lose happy clients as a result.

Protective tape shields sensitive surfaces like glass windows, large electronics, kitchen appliances and other home goods, preventing scratches, cracks or grit from compromising their integrity. Contractors even save time by safeguarding these surfaces instead of uninstalling them.

Protect the expensive renovation materials
When it comes time to replace that peeling linoleum countertop with a fresh slab of marble or restored natural wood, homeowners will need to purchase all the supplies before getting started. Once a contractor facilitates the delivery of the materials, the timer starts. Every day an improvement project drags out, the risk of unintentionally damaging renovation materials increases.

As we mentioned earlier, homeowners spend considerably on their homes. Why? Because restoration could add thousands of dollars onto resale value. Contractors should help guard their investment by wrapping expensive construction materials in low-tack protective tapes. They’ll keep the supplies safe in the interim and peel off easily when it’s time to install without leaving a layer of unwanted stickiness.

Protect against exposure
Depending on the size and scope of a renovation, contractors might not be finished before suppertime. Even the simplest projects can take multiple days, maybe even weeks to complete.

Let’s say a contractor knocked down parts of an exterior wall to install new windows and a door leading out onto a homeowners new patio. For the duration of the project, a hanging tarp might be the only thing protecting the homeowner’s hardwood floors from the elements. A spring shower could trickle inside. The constant barrage of UV rays could cook the floor boards and change the color of the stain. Anything’s possible.

So, contractors should make the possible impossible by sheltering a homeowner’s floors and walls with low-adhesion protective tapes boasting UV protection or moisture barriers.

Don’t let happy spring weather lull you into a false sense of security. Contractors, be sure to preserve all the pieces of your clients’ next home improvement projects with protective tapes.

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