Get Your Creativity on a Roll

Friday August 27, 2021

When you think of tape, “fun” might not be the first word that comes to mind. However, if you get creative, tape can bring about all kinds of enjoyment.

Take scotch tape, for instance. Most people use scotch tape to fix tears or stick something to a wall. But did you know you can use scotch tape to take your style to a whole new level? Create the perfect cat-eye with a small piece of tape as a guide. Use scotch tape to make nail art with interesting patterns and designs. To save an outfit after giving your pet a hug has covered you in fur, simply tear off a piece of any kind of tape to use as a makeshift lint roller.  

Duct tape helps with your wardrobe too. Have a pair of shoes that are falling apart that you do not want to part with? Use a bit of duct tape inside the soles to hold them together or fix an aglet. You can even use duct tape to make handbags, hair bows, belts, dresses, and suits. Many creative teens across the country bust out the duct tape right before prom to create a look that is all their own. To tie the look together with flowers for your date, duct tape has you covered.

Tape is also great for a variety of art projects. Lay down painter’s tape for even, smooth lines and layers in paintings. Create unique works of art and mosaics with duct tape. Duct tape works well in sculptures too. For example, check out Thor’s axe, Stormbreaker.

Some tape is designed specifically for creative crafting. Customize mirrors, signs, or glass drinkware with special decals you can transfer with transfer tape. Take weeded graphics and stickers and use transfer tape to place stickers you make on other surfaces. ABI Tape’s TransferRite line tapes such as 1310 and 582U are perfect for projects just like these.

Some creative uses for tape may be handy, but others are just for fun. Need a neat party trick? Put a piece of scotch tape on a balloon and stick a needle through it – it won’t pop! If parties aren’t your thing, grab a roll of duct tape, build a hammock, and just relax. The possibilities are infinite – you can even make a hat for your cat. No matter what you decide to do, tape can help you get your creativity on a roll.

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