Ideal Shield® Jacketing

Jacketing plays a crucial role in protecting externally insulated duct work from water intrusion. State-of-the-art Ideal Shield Jacketing is the ultimate self-adhesive armor against the elements. It’s Built for Battle.

Contractors know that weather is insulation’s archenemy. For years, the industry has had expensive, labor intensive and messy options to guard against mother nature, but nothing on the market today is as durable, dependable, and easy to install as Ideal Shield Jacketing from Ideal Tape.

Protection in a Class of Its Own

Ideal Shield® Jacketing is manufactured to the highest standards. Its technical toughness and UV stability maximize the insulation’s effectiveness, providing a zero perm vapor barrier over insulated duct work and piping in outdoor applications. Its embossed white, gloss white, embossed aluminum, and flat aluminum finishes provide a clean and professional appearance.

Most importantly, the Ideal Shield® Jacketing system’s ease of use and economical investment assure you significant cost savings in time and labor. We’re so confident in Ideal Shield’s performance that it comes with a 10-year warranty, guaranteeing your hard work will stand the test of time.

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