Sticky Situations: What Can’t You Do with Tape?

Wednesday September 28, 2022

What can’t you do with tape? For many people, tape solves a lot of common problems involving rips, tears, and leaks. However, its many practical uses fix other problems, too.

Tape isn’t just for patching holes in ductwork or mending a torn piece of paper; tape can even help patch people up! In emergency situations, tape has been used as a sling, to cover wounds, stabilize body parts, and remove splinters. Tape can even prevent frostbite and is often used by snowmobilers, dogsledders, skiers, snowboarders, or anyone planning to be out in the cold for long.

Not only does tape potentially help you, but it helps clean around your house, too. Keep your keyboard dust-free with a strip of tape to pick out anything between the keys. Make crumbs or accidentally break a dish or glass in the kitchen? Just use the sticky side of tape to carefully pick it up. When you are moving or rearranging furniture, a little bit of tape goes a long way underneath chair and table legs to prevent floor scratches.

If you are leaving the house for a weekend outdoors, bring some tape on your trip. Use it to patch holes in your tent while camping. After a hike, remove dirt from your shoes or pants When you are stuck in warm weather with pants that are too-long, use it for a temporary hem.

Tape can also be of service with your favorite furry friends. Does your cat or dog sit in your lap for too long, leaving fur everywhere? Tape to the rescue. Remove any fur or fuzz using it as a makeshift lint roller.

Perfect for problem-solving, tape is an essential household and on-the-go product. At ABI Tape, we take pride in developing tape solutions for a wide variety of applications. Our tailor-made tape products protect, splice, mask, insulate, transfer, reinforce, seal, and so much more. If you need customized tape solution, roll with us. Our Territory Managers are ready to help you with your sticky situations. Find yours today through our Sales Contact Locator.

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