Super Bowl LVII: Tape That Tackles the Job

Wednesday February 8, 2023

As Super Bowl LVII approaches it has us thinking about what kind of tape these gifted athletes might use on the field. What can we say? Tape is always on our mind!

Football players wear tape on their arms to help prevent injury. Football is a rough and rugged sport and players are often diving and tackling. Because of this, they may get scrapes or cuts on the parts of their bodies that are exposed, such as their arms. This protective tape is called turf tape and it acts as a protective layer of skin. The tape is usually placed on the player’s upper triceps to the wrists. Some players do wear long sleeves to protect themselves from the rough turf, but for warmer weather, this tape is the preferred method. Fun fact: as of 2022, 14 NFL fields out of 30 use turf!

Another kind of tape that benefits the players is kinesiology tape. This tape was developed in the late 1970’s by Dr. Kenzo Kase, a Japanese chiropractor who was in search of a tape that provided support and allowed a range of motion for the end user. This tape is to be applied strategically to the body part to lessen pain, reduce swelling, improve performance, and give extra support. Kinesiology tape is used by athletes, the elderly, and surgeons. When the tape is applied to your body, it tightens slightly, gently lifting your skin. It is understood that this helps to create a microscopic space between the skin and the tissues underneath.


While ABI and Ideal do not produce athletic tapes, we are always excited to learn about the various ways that tape makes a difference in the world. From protecting your skin to giving extra muscle support, tape is on your team. This Super Bowl, regardless of whether you root for the Eagles or the Chiefs, tape will be there to tackle the job!

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