The U.S. Air Force and a Surprising Use of Tape

Friday September 18, 2020

On this day in 1947, the U.S. Air Force was officially established, even though its origin dates all the way back to 1909. That’s when the U.S. military officially bought its first aircraft, and so began the journey to the world-class organization we know today. The U.S. Air Force is full of leaders, innovators, and warriors who work to protect the country in the air and in space, carried by the most impeccably designed aircraft in the world. Some faster than the speed of sound, the aircraft feature the most advanced technology known to flight. But here’s something that may surprise you…

Did you know that aircraft of all types use tape in their manufacturing? That’s right – Tape!

Tapes used in aircraft manufacturing are the toughest on the planet, engineered to be powerful under pressure. In composite bonding, the tapes withstand high heat to keep the composites in place through manufacturing the necessary shapes for a smooth flight. They’re also used to protect surfaces, avoiding risks of abrasion that could compromise the integrity of the aircraft. High temperature masking applications shield vulnerable elements against the extreme temperatures used to assemble components. Where moisture could pose a problem, tapes can create a barrier to protect against and help control the moisture. In the application of painted or vinyl graphics, tapes can be used for painting and stripping, helping complete the job with precision.

Ideal Tape is proud to offer a robust line of aerospace tapes that support these incredibly demanding applications, and that ensure the aircraft are manufactured to the highest quality. To learn more about our aerospace tapes, please visit: We wish the U.S. Air Force a Happy Birthday and a future of continued innovation and excellence!

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