What Can Wrapping Paper Teach Us About The Importance Of Automotive Protective Films?

Wednesday December 21, 2016

Can holiday gift wrap help explain the significance of protective film?

Over the next few weeks, families around the world will join in a collective rip, tear, crumple chorus of unwrapping presents. The sound alone is enough to awaken the giving spirit of the holiday season in all of us.

While we at ABI and Ideal Tape sure do love a freshly wrapped present, tape manufacturers like us prefer a different sound altogether – the peel of protective film from off the hood or dashboard of a brand-new car.

But since it’s the holidays and all, we thought we’d discuss what wrapping paper can teach automakers everywhere about the importance of protective films for car interiors and exteriors. The similarities are striking, and the differences are quite enlightening as well.

“The act of wrapping presents is a manifestation of our love and appreciation for the recipient.”

It’s all about presentation

What are the myriad reasons why people enjoy wrapping presents? Sure, it adds an element of surprise to gift-giving, and – let’s be honest here – branded packaging or plain brown cardboard boxes clash with the glamor of twinkle lights and tinsel. They just don’t go together.

Gift wrap also demonstrates the time and consideration that went into present preparation, particularly for those of us who don’t have the artistic acumen to make our gifts ourselves. The act of wrapping, therefore, is a manifestation of our love and appreciation for the recipient.

Now consider how automakers send a similar message to their customers when they cover their cars in protective films like AutoWrap and ProtectRite. These products show that manufacturers have the consumer in mind even during the assembly process. Furthermore, the extra step added to the end of the manufacturing process, while having a negligible effect on lead times, speaks volumes to car buyers. It says, “We value your business so much, we’re willing to go one step further to ensure you receive a product that’s been perfectly protected.

Gift wrap looks good on everything, no matter what

With a few tubes of wrapping paper, a roll of tape and a little imagination, gift-givers can wrap just about anything. Even crumply, bulky wrap jobs have a certain charm to them. And if all else fails, a big red bow works fine.

Automotive protective film works in a similar fashion. We customize each sheet to fit the exact contours and shape of any model in need of preservation, inside and out. We also designed an application process that’s easy to perform. And should assembly workers accidentally leave a channel, it’s not the end of the world. AutoWrap was built to withstand damage from debris and peel off cleanly with or without a picture-perfect application.

Wrapping paper’s success was a fluke (but our success isn’t)

Did you know that wrapping paper was a happy accident? While Korea and Japan have been using reusable gift wrap for centuries, wrapping presents in thick paper is a fairly new idea by comparison. In fact, in 2017 the wrapping paper we know and love will celebrate its 100th birthday.

Happy birthday, wrapping paper. You haven't aged a day!
Happy birthday, wrapping paper. You haven’t aged a day!

When a Kansas City stationery store ran out of tissue paper – what Americans used to cover their gifts in back in the early 20th century – the store owners sold French envelope lining in its stead. One hundred years later, wrapping paper has become a billion-dollar industry thanks to the quick thinking of J.C. and Rollie Hall, the founders of Hallmark Cards, Inc. Or so the story goes.

The origins of AutoWrap and ProtectRite aren’t as serendipitous as wrapping paper, but are no less incredible. Our teams of engineers, scientists and industry experts collaborated to consciously develop top-of-the-line protective films that satisfy standards of efficiency set forth by automakers and the standards of quality set forth by their customers.

There’s nothing accidental about our products. We put a lot of thought into them and always look for new ways to impress our clients with new offerings tailored for their operations. We hope you give some thought to adding automotive protective tapes to your assembly process this holiday season. Happy unwrapping!

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