110 Years of ABI: Birth of the Brands

Friday December 28, 2018

The same year that ABI was celebrating the achievement of its ISO Certification, our treasured TransferRite brand made a splash in the sign-making scene. ABI’s line of existing decal transfer premasks finally had an official name. TransferRite’s line of pressure sensitive tapes were designed to protect, position and transfer decals and die-cut lettering. Today, TransferRite tape products are used in sign making, screen printing, digital printing, laser engraving, heat transfer, and textile printing applications.

In 1985, ABI Tape established its ProtecRite (now ProtectRite) family of paper and film masking products, designed to prevent marring, scratching and staining of exposed surfaces throughout the manufacturing and delivery process. While ABI Tape had been producing protective maskings for more than three decades, the line finally had an identity of its own.

Skipping ahead to the year 1998, ABI had been producing a series of tapes specially engineered for the automotive industry. Thus, the name AutoWrap was born. AutoWrap films offer the same protection characteristics of the ProtectRite line, but with specifically formulated “paint friendly” adhesives. From manufacturing through delivery to the dealer, AutoWrap films provide worry-free protection to keep automotive parts and vehicles looking pristine.

As ABI made continuous advancements to our manufacturing processes to better our products, we knew we also needed to make some other important improvements.

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