110 Years of ABI: The Safety Transformation

Monday January 14, 2019

Through the 2000s, as ABI Tape continued to prove itself to the world with top notch brands, we began to look inward. Behind every great brand are the hard-working people who design, engineer, manufacture, sell and continue to perfect the products we present to the world. As a family owned and operated company from day one, ABI employees have always been considered part of the family. So how could we ensure that we were doing our best to keep our people happy and healthy?

In 2012, ABI Tape elevated safety to a core value of our business and developed a program to help keep our employees safe every day. The safety transformation process was based on a set of values, beliefs and principles designed to care for and protect every employee at ABI. A Safety Committee was established to lead members of the organization towards the goal of a much safer work environment for all. After the change began to deliver positive results in New Jersey and Massachusetts, the process spread to the rest of the ABI Tape divisions in Singapore, Belgium and Italy.

Six years into our safety journey, our commitment to passionately pursue an incident-free workplace continues. The improvement has served as validation that our safety system is effective and reinforces that the journey we are on is making a positive impact inside and outside of the workplace. There is still work to be done sustaining our improvement, increasing employee participation, along with training our employees on recognizing, reporting and resolving unsafe conditions. With optimism for the future, we are determined to continue improving not only our safety process, but the culture of the organization as a whole.

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