A Message from Management: Q3 – Staying True to Our Values

Friday June 30, 2023

A Business Update from Vice President & General Manager Michel Merkx


“In our expansive network of industry, academic, and technology partners we hear very similar echoes about ‘slow and cautious’ market conditions.

Clearly and luckily, there are important dynamic differences between the various market segments and customer groups we serve, which allows us to focus on growth opportunities and developments.

The core values of ABI / Ideal Tape (Integrity, Customer driven, Heath & Safety, Teamwork and Social Responsibility) serve as an important compass at any time but especially in more challenging times.

We pride ourselves on providing world-class service and support to our customers not just by the outstanding products we sell but by fully understanding their business and building deep, long-lasting relationships.

The ABI / Ideal team, in which I include all our partners, are the best in the business and work collaboratively to provide the best solutions, improve manufacturing and supply chain capabilities, and discover technological advancements.

We thank all our partners and team members for their continuous support and terrific work and wish you successful, fun, and safe summer months.”

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