A Message from Management: Q2 – Navigating the Path to Victory

Monday April 3, 2023

A Business Update from Vice President & General Manager Michel Merkx

“Despite higher inflation still, increased interest rates, and worries about a (larger) bank crisis and recession, we see a stronger than expected demand in virtually all our markets.

This demand, in Building & Construction, Graphics, Surface Protection and Electrical, is driven partially by a calibration in inventory management but seems more driven by market expansion and investment growth.

ABI / Ideal Tape works hard manage material inflation and availability and optimize supply chain and manufacturing to continue to guarantee the best service to our customers.

We have the best people, who work as a team to develop new products, improve our expanding coating and converting capabilities, and have deep relationships with our channel partners and customers.

The path to victory is anything but linear, but our focused plans, our resolve and versatility to deal well and promptly with adversity, a strong balance sheet and incredible support from our customers are key attributes to our joint success.

We appreciate all our supplier and our customers and I thank all the ABI / Ideal employees for their phenomenal work, creativity, and competence.”

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