As Vehicle Wraps Reach a Broader Audience, Transfer Tapes Support Customers and Installers

Thursday August 11, 2016

Let’s look at how transfer tapes and premasks could support car wrap businesses, so graphic installation specialists can capitalize on an emerging trend.

Outdoor advertisements like billboards and subway posters reach a wide audience, but according to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America nothing beats vehicle ads.

An OAAA study found automobile graphics make as many as 70,000 impressions in a single day of driving. Onlookers are also more likely to notice and recall brand information on vehicles more than any other form of advertising media.

With the right fleet graphic in place, businesses can effectively draw many more people to their products or services. No wonder so many companies use car wraps and other vehicle graphics to supplement their marketing initiatives.

The popularity of vinyl graphics as an advertising medium may necessitate a change in how wrap providers do business going forward. Let’s look at how transfer tapes and premasks could support car wrap businesses, so graphic installation specialists can capitalize on this emerging trend.

“Upfront prices might be the biggest hurdle small businesses face when purchasing car wraps.”

Customers crave more affordable wrap options
Businesses who invest in car wraps are sure to receive considerable marketing value in return, but upfront prices might be the biggest hurdle small-business decision-makers face when purchasing car wraps.

Full car wraps can cost thousands of dollars and may be well beyond the means of small to mid-sized businesses. For these organizations, partial wrap options may be better suited to deliver the marketing boost SMBs need without hurting them financially. Opening a wider selection of car wrap options could also be a boon to car wrap providers themselves, who have in effect made high-quality advertising accessible to “the little guy.”

But to provide partial wrap and cut graphic applications, installers will require a different set of tools to get the job done, tools like TransferRite AirMask. For starters, AirMask clings tightly to exposed air egress liners, allowing for wrinkle-free shipment of vinyl graphics. Even partial wraps can still be quite large, so freedom to transport graphics from the print to the installer safely really matters, as does the ability to ship car wrap kits directly to the consumer.

Installers need better application system for cut graphics
Hypothetically speaking, if a graphics installation company did choose to expand its services and provide partial wraps to customers, it should anticipate greater demand and a crowded appointment schedule. A steady influx of new customers places more stress on installers to reduce application times.

“Standard graphics transfer tools will not suffice when using simulated carbon fiber.”

TransferRite AirMask accelerates the application process by contouring well over curved surfaces and removing cleanly and easily. Customers will appreciate the professional-looking results and installers can handle more jobs with greater ease.

AirMask and TransferRite work well with simulated carbon fiber insets
Customers may also choose  fashionable accents designed to spruce up their cars. Simulated carbon fiber is an especially popular choice for detailing hoods, doors and other component exterior components, but again, standard graphics transfer tools will not suffice. Simulated carbon fiber vinyl has a heavy texture, making it less adherent to traditional application tapes.

TransferRite AirMask 510U and 794U – a heavyweight, high-tack paper premask option – all work exceptionally well with simulated carbon fiber wraps. Although both include strong adhesive power, they can be removed easily and without residue. These products help installers never miss a step in the application process. In fact, many people believe ABI Tape products simplify the application process so much, anyone could install vinyl graphics with ease. Don’t take our word for it – Pete Ameno, application specialist for Sharper Images Tint & Wraps, had this to say:

“Many of our products are sold and shipped as do-it-yourself kits, and most customers have never installed graphic products before. We had been searching for a good mask/transfer tape that stays down over matte and textured carbon fiber materials. Finding the 510U was great for us since our customers do not have any peeling issues with the tape coming off the graphic even before they start the install. The worst thing that can happen is tunneling of the mask while in transit.”

Partial car wraps, whether installed by professionals or by customers themselves, present profitable opportunities for the businesses who invest in the right masks or transfer tapes.

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