Spread the Wealth: Adding Value with HVAC Tape

Tuesday September 13, 2016

How can contractors and HVAC professionals build an enticing value proposition for their customers with HVAC tape?

Twice a year, Americans thank their lucky stars for their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems: the dead of winter and smack dab in the middle of summer.

Respite from extreme summertime heat, however welcome, may trick people into believing their HVAC systems run as well as they can. HVAC technicians know better. Broken seals along ductwork detract from the comforts of residential and commercial air conditioning. They also dramatically increase energy costs and could even pose a safety risk to users.

Ideal Tape and HVAC foil tapes present a low-cost, easy-to-install solution HVAC specialists can use to repair these vital systems and prepare customers for the changing seasons. All clients need is a little convincing. How can contractors and HVAC professionals build an enticing value proposition for their customers with HVAC tape?

“Homes lose 20 to 30 percent of the air circulating through their ducts because of leakage.”

Start with energy efficiency
Who doesn’t want to save money on their next energy bill? According to Energy Star, the average home loses between 20 and 30 percent of the air circulating through its ducts because of leakage. With HVAC tape application, customers won’t risk expelling their precious cold air into walls and crawlspaces where it won’t do them and their families a lick of good.

Technicians can use a similar pitch when selling their services to facilities managers overseeing commercial properties. After all, large buildings with multiple tenants and expansive ductwork are more susceptible to potential air leaks. For example, high-quality HVAC tape can compliment an air pressure audit performed on residential or commercial ventilation systems.

Give them a crash course on safety
Heating and air conditioning features might take center stage when the outdoor temperature rises or falls, but a tight envelope also preserves air quality. Even small separations between ducts could suck dust and mold from crawlspaces and spread them throughout every room in a house or every floor of a commercial building.

Although HVAC owners should change their air filters regularly, compromised ductwork could also shorten the life of their filters and increase upkeep costs. On top of all that, according to the Department of Energy, leaky ventilation could exacerbate mold growth and cause structural damage to the property. It’s in customers’ best interests to protect themselves, their families and their employees from complications arising from bad ductwork.

“HVAC tapes should be easy to manipulate, so appointments don’t last too long.”

Deliver the top-notch customer service quickly
We now know how HVAC tapes help system owners, but what about contractors or HVAC professionals? For real value, HVAC tapes should be as beneficial to the experts using them.

What do contractors look for in good HVAC tape? The answer: HVAC tapes should be easy to manipulate to ensure repair appointments don’t last too long and affect subsequent scheduling. Because Ideal Tape products can be torn by hand, contractors can use them effectively in the tight quarters where ducts hang without wasting product or time. Customers will appreciate their mended HVAC systems, and the professionals can move onto their next appointments in a jiffy.

Contractors and HVAC specialists should invest in high-quality HVAC tape products with incredible sealing power, temperature resistance and a fast application process. Check out the ABI Tape blog for more information.

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