Super Bowl LV: Tape is on Your Team

Friday February 5, 2021

With Super Bowl LV coming up this weekend, there is no better time to talk about a tape that supports football players, and all athletes, on and off the field: athletic tape.

For any sport, injury is always a risk. Many athletes take preventative measures using different athletic tapes. Firmly applying a restrictive athletic tape, like kinesiology tape, to part of the body helps keep muscles and bones in a place – ideal for preventing breaks and sprains during a game. Outside the game, players use these restrictive tapes to compress muscles to decrease swelling and make splints.

Athletes who play on turf fields, such as football or soccer players, may use another kind of kinesiology tape: turf tape. Turf tape is designed to protect any skin in contact with the turf from abrasions. Easy to apply and waterproof, turf tape goes a long way in ensuring players remain comfortable and uninjured.

Another type of athletic tape athletes use is elastic therapeutic tape, a less restrictive tape designed to increase range of motion and prevent muscle spasms. This tape works to improve blood flow by pulling the skin slightly off the muscles, reducing the likelihood of muscle cramps, while allowing an athlete to maintain a full range of motion. The increased blood flow the tape induces also relieves the pain and swelling of an injury. Many sports players and fitness enthusiasts also use elastic therapeutic tape to on their neck and back to improve their posture. Headache and migraine relief are an added benefit to better blood flow in these areas.

While ABI and Ideal do not currently produce athletic tapes, we are always wowed by all the ways tape makes the world go round. Whether for stabilizing ankles, supporting knees, or wrapping sprains, athletic tape remains in season for every season. This Super Bowl, regardless of whether you root for the Chiefs or the Buccaneers, tape is on your team.

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