Traveling with Tape [Infographic]

Monday June 21, 2021

No matter how you’re traveling this summer, tape travels with you. Wherever you decide to go this season – and however you plan to get there – tape will be an essential part of your travel itinerary.

Many of us rely on our family cars to get us to our vacation destinations. But did you know throughout the manufacturing process and all the way to the sales floor, automakers rely on protective tapes to preserve automobile interiors and exteriors? That way, cars arrive at dealerships as pristine as they did coming off the assembly line.

What about traveling in the luxury of a fully equipped camper? Transfer tapes, such as TransferRite premasking products, allow RV manufacturers to apply vinyl graphics or paint masks to add style to your next excursion.

Thinking about flying this summer? While you’re taxiing around the tarmac, take a second to consider what industrial tapes do for aircraft manufacturing. “Hold down” tapes, for example, withstand extreme temperatures and pressure during the composite bonding process used to create fuselages, wings and other plane parts.

Boat manufacturers use customized protective tapes to prevent surface damage while their vessels wait for the right captain. And before a seaworthy ship takes to the open ocean, it’ll need a name and a proper christening. Premasks and application tapes are especially popular among small businesses that specialize in boat lettering.

Why brave tollbooths, the TSA and sea monsters when you could just stay home and do nothing? HVAC tapes seal the ducts in home air conditioning systems, so “staycationers” keep cool and save money on energy during the hottest months of the year.

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